We've helped over 150,000 users to speak English confidently

"I've lived in the United States for years, but I felt like I could use some help to sound a little bit more fluent. I found BoldVoice, and I've been using it every day. I enjoy it, it's a bit addictive!"

Marcio Silveira
Financial Advisor
From Brazil
"I never thought it was possible to improve my accent, but BoldVoice gave me hope. I can work specifically on my difficulties... BoldVoice has allowed me to be myself and be different, but not because of my accent."
Antonella DiGiulio
Concert Pianist
From Italy

“I've used BoldVoice every single day since I got it. I like that the lessons are customized to my native language and that it provides immediate feedback on my practice. I really feel more confident in my accent."


Teacher from India

"I have been using BoldVoice for four months, and definitely feel a big improvement in my pronunciation. When I compare myself to recordings from before I started using the app, the progress is obvious."


Engineer from Italy

"I'm constantly speaking with investors and clients in English. BoldVoice has helped me develop a standard accent and communicate more effectively in these important business settings."


Founder from Malaysia

"I like having a real coach show me how to improve my accent, rather than just AI. It's also more convenient to use the app for 10 minutes a day, instead of having to schedule expensive 1:1 sessions."


CTO from France

"I've worked with an accent coach before and that was helpful, but it cost $200 an hour! BoldVoice gives me all the training and feedback, at a small fraction of the price."


Consultant from Brazil

“As an international student, you still get asked 'can you repeat that?' a lot. With BoldVoice I can work on my pronunciation to be as clear and confident in English as in my native language.”


Student from Turkey

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