Frequently asked questions

What is BoldVoice?

BoldVoice is a mobile application that helps non-native English speakers improve their accent, pronunciation and overall fluency in English. The app offers videos from Hollywood accent coaches, practice materials, and immediate feedback to help you improve your speech in real time.

Who is BoldVoice for?

BoldVoice is for all non-native English speaking professionals who want to speak English clearly and confidently. If your English vocabulary and grammar are strong, but you struggle to be understood or confident when you speak, BoldVoice is for you. The app focuses on challenges that advanced speakers of English face, to help you be the best communicator you can be.

What is included in the BoldVoice subscription?

The subscription gives you access to the library of video lessons from Hollywood accent coaches and thousands of practice materials, all tailored to your native language. The subscription also unlocks the immediate feedback from our advanced speech AI on your pronunciation.

How does the feedback work?

Like magic! BoldVoice’s speech Artificial Intelligence immediately scores you after you speak. For each word you say, you will get a score on each sound, and also get feedback on how to improve it. We believe getting instant feedback is the best way to improve your pronunciation.

What can I expect to get from BoldVoice?

Studies show that clear pronunciation and communication can greatly help advance your career. Our mission is to help you be a more confident communicator so you can unlock new professional and personal opportunities. Our goal is that your investment in a BoldVoice subscription will pay for itself 100x over your career.

Who are the BoldVoice coaches?

Our coaches are professional speech and dialect experts, who work with Hollywood actors, celebrities and professionals. They have worked with Netflix, Hulu, Marvel, NBC, CBS, and Broadway, among others. Our coaches believe that all accents are beautiful, and teach accents with kindness and respect towards your culture of origin.

What accent do you teach?

Our Hollywood coaches teach the standard American accent. We find that this accent is universally understood and can help all non-native English speakers reach a higher level of speech clarity. Even if you live in countries that use a different English accent, such as the U.K. or Australia, BoldVoice can help, as many of the lessons apply to English pronunciation broadly.

How often should I use the app?

Our coaches recommend practicing daily, for 10-20 minutes a day. The more frequently you practice, the more you will build the necessary muscle memory.

When can I expect to see improvement?

From day one, you will start gaining more awareness of your speech and learn a new pronunciation or two. The results will get more noticeable in a few weeks. To truly achieve a transformation in your speech, 100+ hours of work over a period of months and years will ensure that you not only attain, but also keep these results in your day-to-day speech.

How can I maximize my improvement?

The secret is practice. Building this new skillset is a lot like going to the gym: ongoing, continued effort is most helpful. We find that our users benefit the most when they make the BoldVoice app a part of their daily routine, such as by using it for 15 minutes every single morning.

How much does BoldVoice cost?

An annual subscription costs $12.50 USD per month (billed $150 USD annually) or your local currency equivalent. This is less than or equal to the price of a single session with a professional accent coach, which ranges between $150 and $300 per hour. If you choose to subscribe month-by-month, the subscription costs $25 USD per month or your local currency equivalent. We recommend the yearly subscription, which represents a 50% discount to the monthly one.

How does the 7-day trial work?

You can try BoldVoice for free for 7 days. Simply start a subscription and you will be automatically enrolled in the 7-day trial. This means that you will not get charged right away, and can cancel or change your plan at any point during the trial without getting charged.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime from your App Store profile, Google Play profile or Stripe profile, depending on where you signed up. If you cancel while you are still on your free trial, you will not be charged.

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