How to sound clear and confident in your next Zoom presentation

Think back to your last work team meeting, client presentation, job interview, or networking session. Chances are that it took place over Zoom, Teams, or another video conferencing platform. A byproduct of the pandemic, this technology and, more broadly, remote work are certainly here to stay, even as the world slowly moves back toward in-person work.

As a professional, presenting and participating over video conference may feel especially difficult. Ever wondered why?

Many factors contribute to the added friction: audio issues, limited opportunities to pair your speech with gestures and body language, and a lack of interaction and response from your audience are just a few of these factors.

For non-native English speakers in particular, the video conference setting can exacerbate miscommunication. Accents and pronunciation issues can be harder to address in the moment, which may leave your audience unsure of what you've said.

Accent and speech coach Melanie Fox shares that:

"Those who are non-native speakers often report that they feel more easily understood in person, and that web-meetings seem to intensify existing barriers to communication. Since clarity of your sound is key, you want a strategy to help you minimize potential issues that could derail the delivery of your message or obstruct your ability to hear the meeting."

Here's the good news: there are several steps you can take to ensure you sound clear and confident over Zoom. We break them down below.

Can You See Me?

Can You Hear Me?

Can You Understand Me Clearly?

Do I Sound Confident?

Nailing your next Zoom presentation

For native and non-native speakers alike, video presentations can bring up anxieties, but we hope these tips can help you gain an extra competitive edge.

At BoldVoice, we can't wait to help you achieve your clearest and most confident voice. Our lessons on pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and public speaking from Hollywood accent coaches will get you results in no time.

Here’s to your next virtual presentation – let it be stellar!

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