The 15 Best English Pronunciation Apps of 2024

Perfecting English pronunciation takes practice. We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 pronunciation apps available in 2024, outlining their strengths and weaknesses to give you the information you need to move forward with your English journey and strengthen your skills with confidence.
January 1, 2024
Ron Carlos
Ron Carlos
Speech & Accent Coach at BoldVoice
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We all know that making pronunciation mistakes is a part of the language learning journey, and it's not exclusive to non-native speakers. Even native English speakers slip up from time to time. However, clear and accurate pronunciation plays a vital role in effective communication, ensuring that your message is understood correctly. 

The good news is that there are valuable resources available to help you fine-tune your pronunciation. In this era of technology, pronunciation apps have emerged as powerful tools to aid learners in their quest for better articulation and spoken English proficiency.

Whether you're striving to reduce your accent, boost your fluency, or simply refine your pronunciation, these apps offer a structured and convenient way to enhance your pronunciation skills and express yourself with confidence. 

So, let's dive into the world of English pronunciation apps and all that they have to offer to discover how they can support your journey to articulate and effective communication.

Without further ado, here's a comprehensive roundup of the most effective pronunciation apps of 2024:

1. BoldVoice

What sets BoldVoice apart from other American English pronunciation apps is its unique combination of video lessons taught by Hollywood speech coaches and expert-verified AI speech technology. This dynamic blend ensures that users receive daily bite-sized lessons and tailored curriculums personalized to their language backgrounds, as well as instant feedback that helps them refine their pronunciation and sound more like native speakers. 

A distinctive feature of BoldVoice is its emphasis on tongue positions and mouth movements. Users are guided through exercises that help them build muscle memory, making American English sounds become second nature.  

Along with 150+ video lessons and 12,000+ practice items, the app also offers users the chance to test their fluency skills and monitor their progress through assessments that give a sound-by-sound accent analysis. If you're committed to improving your pronunciation, get started with your 7-day free trial today.

2. LearnEnglish Sounds Right

LearnEnglish Sounds Right is an English pronunciation app with a library of audio clips that showcase a spectrum of English sounds.

While it can be a helpful reference for self-guided learners, its limitations include a lack of advanced pronunciation instruction and real-time feedback, which some other apps offer. 

Notably, the app's unique focus on British English pronunciation and the availability of downloadable content for offline practice make it an ideal choice for those seeking to adopt a British accent and enhance their phonetic prowess.

3. Speak English Pro

Speak English Pro offers an AI-driven pronunciation assessment, feedback, and conversations with AI-powered characters, making it a solid resource for those seeking to improve their spoken English and conversational confidence. 

However, users should be aware that there's no human coaching element to this app. Additionally, because it's entirely AI-based, there are no opportunities in the app to learn by shadowing and mirroring native speakers.

4. Speak English Pronunciation

Speak English Pronunciation is an app designed to elevate your English pronunciation skills, offering a catalogue of exercises that covers a range of accents and regional variations. It excels in helping users grasp the nuances of pronunciation across different English-speaking regions and provides instant feedback through speech recognition technology. 

While it may not offer the depth of language learning content found in comprehensive language apps, it's a beneficial resource for learners seeking to understand various English accents.

5. FluentU

FluentU is a language learning app that integrates real-world content into the language learning experience. Its library of videos featuring native speakers talking offers learners the opportunity to observe English-speaking scenarios.  

FluentU's approach offers a way to learn from watching native speakers communicate, but keep in mind that it may not provide in-depth pronunciation instruction, as it is not structured as a course.

6. Pronuroid - IPA Pronunciation

Pronunroid - IPA Pronunciation is dedicated to learning English pronunciation through the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Its transcriptions of English sounds and practice exercises provide users with the tools to refine their articulation skills. 

Although it doesn’t offer a comprehensive language learning curriculum beyond phonetic transcription, Pronunroid is helpful for learners seeking to gain more knowledge about the linguistic foundation of English.

7. English Pronunciation

English Pronunciation is an application that provides its users with clear audio examples, practice exercises, and explanations of pronunciation patterns.

While it doesn’t offer the depth of some more exhaustive language learning apps, English Pronunciation's simplicity makes it a good resource for beginners looking to build a foundation in pronunciation. 

8. Say It: English Pronunciation

Say It: English Pronunciation is accessible for learners of all levels. It provides straightforward audio examples and practice exercises for beginners and intermediate learners, emphasizing core pronunciation elements. 

Its simplicity and accessibility make it a beneficial resource for earlier-stage learners. However, this app doesn't offer the same extensive content as some more comprehensive language apps.

9. Quick Pronunciation Tool

The Quick Pronunciation Tool offers concise audio examples, quick practice exercises, and straightforward pronunciation tips. It's a solid app for beginners or learners seeking a reference guide.

Those in need of advanced language features or in-depth pronunciation instruction may need to seek additional resources.

10. Sounds: Pronunciation App


The Sounds: Pronunciation App offers learners access to an audio library of various accents and pronunciation subtleties. It has detailed articulation guides for the different accents and speech recognition technology that provides feedback on users' speech.

However, while it offers extensive auditory resources, Sounds: Pronunciation App does not offer in-depth video content. Visual learners may struggle to absorb the all the material on this app.

11. ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak, short for English Language Speech Assistant, provides AI feedback and conversation practice to improve pronunciation. It offers a library of practice exercises as well.

While the app is accessible for users of all levels, it does not focus on the advanced mechanics of clear English. It should also be noted that it doesn't offer any human coaching and is entirely AI-based.

12. Learn English Daily

Learn English Daily provides daily lessons to work on English language skills. It also provides exercises and quizzes for retention.

While this app's content covers an array of topics including vocabulary and grammar, its pronunciation content is not as specialized as that of purely pronunciation-focused apps.

13. Howjsay

Howjsay prioritizes improving English pronunciation through a large audio database. It offers clear samples of words and phrases in various accents and dialects, enabling learners to refine their articulation with guidance from native speakers.

However, while it does provide a library of audio pronunciation resources, it lacks the breadth of features found in other all-encompassing pronunciation apps and does not offer interactive exercises or quizzes for reinforcement. Users in need of advanced language features or in-depth pronunciation analysis may need to supplement their studies with additional resources.

14. Speakit.TV

Speakit.TV focuses on real-life dialogues. It takes a conversational approach to learning, enabling users to engage in practical dialogues and receive feedback.

However, although it provides a range of conversational practice, it does not provide the tailored instruction of other apps or thoroughly take into account the user's language background.

15. English Listening and Speaking

English Listening and Speaking offers an array of audio content, spanning conversations, news, and interviews. This allows users to become familiar with various accents and topics. The app also provides speaking exercises with feedback.

English Listening and Speaking caters to a broad audience seeking language improvement through access to auditory resources. However, it doesn't have the comprehensive video content on pronunciation that is found on other apps.

Our Coaches' Pick for Best Pronunciation App

BoldVoice has meticulously crafted an app that specifically helps users learn the American accent, while still honoring their first language. With its state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, tailored exercises, and instant feedback, the app empowers users to navigate the nuances of pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. What truly sets BoldVoice apart is its ever-evolving nature, fueled by a team of dedicated speech experts who continuously create fresh content based on user feedback.

It's about more than just improving users' communication—the app is also a dynamic way to help someone elevate their professional standing. A polished accent boosts a person’s confidence which then opens doors to new and exciting career pathways. Plus, with the ability to practice pronunciation in real-world conversation scenarios through the AI Chat feature, users can prepare for job interviews, presentations, negotiations, client meetings, and more - all right on the app. With BoldVoice, there's no limit for how much confidence and clarity users can achieve. 

How to Pick the Right Pronunciation App For You

Choosing the right pronunciation app is crucial to achieving your language learning goals effectively. Here are some considerations to help you make the best choice:

Define Your Goals

Understand what you want to achieve with the app. Are you looking to reduce your accent, master intonation, or simply improve your articulation? Different apps may specialize in various aspects of proper pronunciation, so knowing your goals is essential.

Determine Your Timeline

Consider how quickly you want to progress. Some apps offer accelerated learning paths, while others provide a more gradual approach. Ensure your choice aligns with your preferred pace and commitment level.

Realistic Incorporation

Choose an app that you can realistically incorporate into your daily routine. Consistency is key in language learning, so opt for an app that you can comfortably integrate into your life. If you can't commit to daily practice, select an app that allows flexibility.

Personal Impact

Select an app that resonates with you and makes a genuine impact. It should be engaging, motivating, and suit your learning style. Explore user reviews and app previews to gauge whether it aligns with your preferences.

Try Before You Commit

Many pronunciation apps offer free trials. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore different apps and identify which one works best for you. You can start a free trial with BoldVoice, a fully comprehensive pronunciation app, and discover the features that suit your needs.

How to Get the Most Out of Pronunciation Apps

By reading this article and researching pronunciation apps and tools, you're already well on your way to mastering those tricky English sounds. To make sure you get the most out of these apps, we've put together some valuable tips to supercharge your pronunciation training and help you speak English like a native speaker in no time.

Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Pronunciation Training

Speak Often with Native Speakers 

There's no substitute for practicing with native speakers. Engage in conversations, join language exchange groups, or use language exchange features available on some apps. It's a fantastic way to learn the rhythm, intonation, and nuances of spoken English.

Record Yourself 

Your smartphone is your best friend here. Record your voice while practicing and compare it to native speakers. This self-assessment can pinpoint your weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Consume More English Content

Surround yourself with English as much as possible. Watch English movies, TV shows, listen to podcasts, and read books or articles. Immersion is key to absorbing the language naturally.

Learn IPA Spelling

Understanding the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) can be a game-changer. It helps you grasp the specific sounds of English in a more defined way and ensures you're pronouncing words correctly.

Isolation Lessons

Strengthen those tongue and lip muscles by practicing isolation lessons. Some apps offer exercises for specific problem sounds, helping you overcome difficulties with pronunciation.

All-in-One Apps 

Opt for apps that offer a comprehensive approach to pronunciation. Look for English pronunciation apps that combine AI feedback, human coaching, videos, and more. The best apps provide multiple angles of learning, ensuring you receive a well-rounded education in English pronunciation.

With these tips and the right pronunciation app, you're on the track to achieving impeccable English pronunciation. Keep practicing, stay dedicated, and don't be afraid to make mistakes – they're all part of the journey to sounding like a native English speaker. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your choice of a pronunciation app should be aligned with your goals, pace, lifestyle, and personal preferences. By considering these factors and exploring your options through free trials, you can find the best app to improve your English pronunciation.

You can try BoldVoice with a free 7-day trial to get started on your accent journey!
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Ron Carlos
Ron Carlos
Speech & Accent Coach at BoldVoice
About the author
Ron Carlos is a Hollywood voice, speech, and dialect coach based in Los Angeles, California. He received his Master’s in Voice and Speech at Harvard University, and taught speech and dialects at the Yale School of Drama. Ron has coached performers on productions including Netflix, Marvel, and Broadway. Ron is a Head Coach on the BoldVoice app.
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